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Personalised bag (3D) - HANDY BOTTOM SHORT HANDLE


Promotional Bags Printed with Your Logo
Our full-colour bags will elevate Your business’s presence! Digital print quality, sharp, vivid colours! They are perfect for exhibitions, conferences and events, or you can carry them around the town.
You can fill them with binders, gym stuff or your literature. They are so durable and solid that they can hold up to 60 kilos!    
Made in EU
Allover Print included in the price.
Reusable and eco-friendly
Possibility of washing and ironing
100% customized
Product Details:
Material: Eco-friendly material - water-resistant recycled polyester 100%, 120-gram non-woven,
Imprint process: Sublimation
Imprint size: It can be fully or partially printed.
Bags are made from recycled polyester 100%. Recycled polyester, often called rPet, is made from recycled plastic bottles. Recycled polyester is almost the same as virgin polyester in terms of quality, but its production requires 59 % less energy than pure polyester and generates fewer CO2 emissions. We can say that it's eco-friendly.
You can put our bags in your garbage cart or drop them off with a plastic bag recycling bin at a store.

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